Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, March 25, 2013

A New Sketchbook

Nothing beats a fresh, brand new, nice quality sketchbook given to you and your classmates!

If you are not an artist, you may not understand, but a new sketchbook can be a big deal.

Questions I ask myself:

What am I going to draw in this sketchbook?
What should I dedicate this sketchbook too?
What medium am I going to use?

Serious commitments are made when an artist begins a new sketchbook!

 So after some time, I was finally ready to break in the new sketchbook-

I decided this sketchbook would be only black and white doodles. 
 A sketchbook dedicated to my commitment to doodle and draw more.

Decisions made, so now time to put pen to paper-

At this point, staring at a blank page can be artistic suicide-
This is where thinking too much can make you quit before you begin.

Trust me I know - been there too many times.  I was not going to let that happen this time.
So, I just went with what I was feeling at the moment!

And I just kept going...

Working on this page on and off for about a week.

Finally, I called it complete.

This type of sketching, doodling, or meditative process (whatever you may call it) has given me an outlet for relaxing sketchbook time, a place to put design compositions or shapes I may see in my surrounding world and has also given me a source of my ideas that I could translate into other mediums (like printmaking)!

Playing around with photo editing.

I don't always draw in a sketchbook though, sometimes just a small piece of paper will do.

5 Petal Delight

Flying Through Waves

Petals and Points

No blank paper has been safe around me lately!
Just pick up a pen and doodle, you never know what you will create!

Thanks to my teacher for the sketchbook!

continuing to push myself out of my artistic comfort zones to simply create on this artist holiday,


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your doodle sketches! I just thought... I'd love to see it on fabric :)- how cool would that be! Very nice and inspiring Hannah. Too cool.

  2. I feel the need to send you colored pencils. The dragging on of winter is making me a bit rascally! What a good thing to draw and doodle every day; such a good habit.