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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Handmade Mixed Media Note Cards Part One

I recently reopened my etsy shop - lynndylan designs 
with sets of note cards!

I wanted to share how I create these unique beauties over a few blog postings.

First, I start with a linoleum block.

This is a linoleum block mounted on a piece of wood.

It is my Starfish design.

I first drew the image with pencil on the block 
then carved it out using the small v-tip carver shown here.

This linoleum block is 2 x 3 inches.

Now that I have carved my block I am ready for printing the image.

I am using oil based printmaking ink.

I was not sure about using oil based inks in the beginning 
(I was thinking it would be smelly like oil paints but it isn't that bad
and wow the results!)

I have also realized water based printmaking inks are not as fluid and dry very quickly.

And most importantly, I would not be able to add watercolor paints later to my prints!

My third small block was a doodle I created with 
2 snails!

This is the same snail block with orange oil based ink ready for printing.

This photo shows where I have printed the
3 block variations in rows.

This process is much easier than already having little papers cuts for each print.

I simply ink the block with a brayer of ink and place it onto the paper.

Give it a gentle push all around the block to obtain the entire print.

These were my first small blocks;

Starfish, Abstract Design (what do you see?), and Twice Snails.

Then after a chat with my friend Tanya - Manila Extract, she was curious to see a Bonsai Tree block.

Remember my Bonsai Tree post?

Bonsai Tree Block I carved on a linoleum wood mounted block.

This was the quickest idea to image I have had yet.
Guess doing all those sketches last year really helped me capture the image.

This is a beautiful blue color oil based ink I first printed it with, along with my other blocks.

The pattern repetition is quite nice to see as I ink and print each time until the page is full.

Doing the Bonsai Tree block is a little different because the bottom is positive space
and it is quite easy to get off line.

I try not to worry about it too much and just enjoy the process.

After I have completed all the printing and allowed adequate dry time-
I am ready to cut each print out.


I do not use scissors on this paper...

I use a ruler and "deckle" the edges.

Deckle is where you press a metal straight edge, such as a ruler and rip the paper along the metal's edge.

I have always enjoyed the finish it gives the paper and I believe it just simply looks better than cutting it precise.

However, on some prints I have used thicker paper and cutting with scissors was best for that material.

You just have to do what looks best with your materials!

Stop by my Etsy Shop -

sharing my new favorite materials and processes on this artist holiday,

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  1. what a great post. Your carvings are wonderful. You do have a knack for it.I think I have to drop by your shop, the bonsia is calling my name.