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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Handmade Mixed Media Note Cards Part Two

The final part of making my mixed media note cards begins with...

My prints that I created by doing this in part one.

I am using a type of paper that takes watercolor pretty well.  
It's about a 60-70 lb paper.

With my print card ready, I can now begin to add watercolor paints.

I have a variety of watercolor paints that I use.
I enjoy trying to come up with unique color combinations.

Sometimes I start by painting the center image, 
other times I begin painting the other designs first.

And I continue this process until I am satisfied with the results.

There will be times I mix the colors, for example..
I may use pink then add a touch of red-orange inside the pink.

And before I know it...

The watercolor process is done!

**Brushes - 
I use a variety of brushes from the one pictured above to brushes that can be used for other types of paints like acrylics. 

With my painted print cards dry,

I now move to the sewing machine!

I line up (really good eyeballing) to my card blanks
and sew a simple "straight" line.

When I get to the corner, I lift the foot and turn the card.
I then put the foot back down and begin sewing again
until I reach the next corner.

I carefully go around the whole card.

This is the back view of the front of the card.

For this set of cards I have decided all strings
should be on the inside of the card.

I pull the strings to the back carefully with my seam ripper tip
and trim the thread.

This is the first set of note cards I have used with pink thread.

The deckle edge makes it look more natural.

All 5 cards finished.

This has been an enjoyable process for me because 
it uses a variety of mediums and techniques!

Here's a close up of each card...

The starfish is a soft pink on this card.

I love how the watercolors make the print really pop!

Love the color combination on this one.

Can you see where I left a portion of this card without watercolor?
I thought it went well with this color combination.

Orange and pink together -
one of my favorite color combinations.

I love going from printing to painting to sewing - 
truly mixed media.

You can see these and more cards in my shop -

hopping all around my studio on this artist holiday,

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  1. they turned out wonderful! I like your color choices.
    I bet they sell like hot cakes.