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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Block - Two Color Combinations!

Color is one of my favorite subjects to talk about 
and play with!

What would this world look like without color?
Never mind... I don't want to think about that!

This is my new block design -

The Dogwood

The Dogwood is one of my favorite blooms.  
And living in North Carolina - I love seeing these trees bloom beautifully in the spring!

When I printed these blocks I decided to start with yellow and see how many color combinations I can go through to get to black.

At printing time I only had the colors:
yellow, blue, teal green, tiny bit of pink and black left

Here's some of my photos while I was printing-


Yellow and Blue make this lovely Sage Green color.

Blue with a touch of Pink make this Purple.
Can you see more pink in the top left print?

I didn't clean my brayer until I was finished printing.
I wanted the colors to blend.

This photo is showing how my colors started from left to right.

This printing thing is addicting!!

Now... time to add watercolor!

Take a look at how different the print looks by using different colors inks from the printing process!

And the watercolors are not exactly the same.

But each card has a different feel.

Subtle vs. Bold
Delicate vs. Firm

Bright yellow with a soft pink and a touch of blue
is a nice color combination!

I love the blue and pink together with the green ink too!

Each set side by side look so different!

I tried to keep the color more intense at the center of the bloom on this set of cards.

I tried to keep the petals more without color on the set of cards.

When I was designing this block, I thought at one point I should redesign it.
Then I realized I was over-thinking it and just went with the design I had already started!

So happy for once - I didn't let "analysis lead to paralysis"!!!

sharing my love of color and color combinations on this artist holiday,

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  1. Yes, printing is addicting! Perfect color combos. Thanks for the postcard, it is lovely... and fun, snails! Years ago ( over 20) my ex-husband and I raised escargot snails. It was lark, we ordered them then built a big habitat and let them multiple. I can't remember how it turned out and that is just the tip of the crazy things we did. we were young and not real bright.. lots of crash and burns.