Hannah Overman Koch

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Granny Pat's Gaggle

Running your first 5K is a big deal!!!  

My sis-in-law, Chelsea was not only up for doing her first run,
 but wanted her creative sis-in-law to make t-shirts for the event!

Chelsea and I getting pumped to run and debuting our originally designed t-shirts!

My hubby Jeff was ready to run as well!

The event came to our attention by Granny Pat, 
their Grandmother that lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Here we are cheering Chelsea over the finish line!!
Her first 5K complete!!!!

The runner's of Granny Pat's Gaggle!

We decided a design with geese was the most appropriate with it being the eastern shore of MD and there was a flock of us!!!

I had just finished my printmaking class, so I knew I could pull off a t-shirt design and 
print it myself!  
(With a little help from hubby holding the frame in place, of course!)

This is the design on the front of the t-shirts.
Each bird represents one of us!

 I printed the girls on light pink shirts.

The design is not perfect, as you can see. 
There was a ghost image on the screen I couldn't see until I printed it.
It really gives it a vintage look, so I went with it!

The back of the shirt lists our names and date:

Granny Pat's Gaggle
Jeff Hannah Chelsea
Casey Sam Jeff
Roz Lucy

I created 2 screens for this project.

One for the front.
As you can see, I blocked out everything that I did not want to come through with
screen filler.
I drew out the design on the screen and then painted the screen filler on with a brush.

One for the back.
I used drawing fluid to write out the names and then squeegeed
the screen filler over the entire screen.
Then I washed out the drawing fluid.

I touched up some spots with the screen filler and then it was ready to print!

All of Granny Pat's Gaggle together in the Runner's Village after the race!

Making a t-shirt is a special way to celebrate an event with family and friends.
Though we live in 3 different states we have a t-shirt that we can wear often and 
remember our festivities!!

Being able to share my creativity with my family in this way has been awesome!

Rising to the challenge of creating a design and seeing everyone sporting their t-shirts I created- 
what a wonderful feeling....

....on this artist holiday


  1. WONDERFUL! what a great idea. The T-shirts are fab! What a great family event too!

  2. Great t-shirt design Hannah! I love the the 'gaggle' theme - you've outdone yourself AGAIN!