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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cross Making 101

I am delighted to teach a cross making class
each Wednesday night to 2nd and 3rd graders.

I have based this class off the book:
Making Crosses: A Creative Connection to God
Ellen Morris Prewitt

Cross Templates, my Bible, paper and my 
beautiful Manila Extract bag that houses my *good* pens!
(Thanks Tanya!)

My front cover - needs some color!

As I seem to do with all the classes I teach-
I love something the kids can go to every week to
doodle, draw crosses, write prayer requests, Bible verses etc.

Then at the very end of class - they can take home this
beautiful book they used to document their cross making journey.

Blank books are easy to find these days sold in packets!

Examples of crosses I brought to inspire the kids.

Our verse for tonight - John 3:16

Our lesson tonight reminds us
how much God really does love us -
we can't even begin to understand it-
God loves us that much!

Book covers decorated~

Kids at work...

Our cross making tonight was doodling on card stock...

Cut it out, laminate it and add a ribbon to the top.

I love them all - but one child wrote the Bible verse
on the cross and it caught my eye.

It was striking to see the Bible verse in a child's handwriting,
on an imperfectly cut cross written in pencil. 

It is such a reminder that as adults our creative products must look that way to God-
our best attempt at whatever it is where we are right now.

I cherish these moments of clarity and hope I gain all I should from them.

I hope to share this journey with you
as we make a cross each week.

May you change you perspective as I have about the cross.
Not as a symbol of  pain and unbearable grief,
but rather a symbol of pure love.
A love for all of us like no other.

the cross making journey begins on this artist holiday,

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