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Friday, January 15, 2016

Free Coloring Pages and so much more...

Adult coloring books and alike are everywhere!

It thrills me to see them because just maybe
it has opened up our views as a society about
coloring as adults
and how therapeutic it can actually be.

To sit with a beautifully designed page
to color peacefully with your own unique color combinations
helps to quiet the mind and recenter.

If you haven't been bit by the coloring bug yet,
maybe this will entice you.

As many of you know I have been doodling for many years now.
(Creating a doodle is it's own therapy too!)

I want to share my own doodles -now turned coloring pages- here with you!

I have created PDF files you can download (for free) and print
here on this blogpost.

As you may have suspected, my pages are going to be a little different.

Each series holds 3-4 small doodles on one page.

Dainty Series Color Page

Aerial Dream Series Color Page

Woven Love Series

Please use these links to find a coloring page you may enjoy.


The one issue I see with all these coloring books is you color and then close the book.  The end.

Here are some suggestions I want to encourage you to use these
Hannah Koch coloring pages for:

~Gift tags
~Collage ephemera
~Doodle starter
~Prayer doodles

Here's a few photos for inspiration...

A bookmark and card created
using the coloring pages available.

Card making Directions:
Step 1:  Print color page
Step 2:  Cut a piece of card stock in half and fold
Step 3:  Glue or sew doodle on front that you beautifully colored!
Step 4:  Write loving note to friend, place in envelope and mail
(Don't forget the stamp!)

Bookmark Directions:
Step 1:  Print color page on card stock
Step 2:  Color as you wish and cut out 
(I like to round off the edges)
Step 3: (Optional) Add ribbon or twine at the top

From the Woven Love Series

Prayer Doodle Directions:
Step 1:  Print color page
Step 2: Write a note or the person's name in the center of the doodle.
Step 3: Begin coloring as you wish while thinking about whom you are praying for.
(No worrying, no what-if's - try to only focus on loving thoughts while you are praying 
[coloring] for your friend)

You can stop there and not send to the person
(keep it as a reminder that God heard your prayer)
Cut out and glue to a blank postcard
and mail to the person
whom you prayed over.

No matter how you use them, I ask you only use with love!
Enjoy and may you find happiness in whatever you color.

sharing my gifts with those I love
on this artist holiday,

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