Hannah Overman Koch

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pages 4 & 5

Sketchbook Challenge
Theme:  Opposites

 page 4
Geometric vs. Organic Circles
Yeah, yeah, me and circles again....

page 5
Left and Right
My actual hand prints!  My kids really influence me!

And still bringing the 80's colors back!

Tough get going, but once I did, I enjoyed these pages the most thus far!

Opposites are never too far apart on this artist holiday-


  1. both are clever! dig the colors. I hope to finish my first sketch page today. I had 9 hours home alone yesterday...I turned on the Netflix via the Wii....I watched 5 movies and did a tiny bit of hand sewing. I tell myself I needed the rest. The truth is Netflix is a time sucker like the computer...need to put limits on both. Maybe loose a reomote control...the lost of one, no Netflix. off to clean the house and do paper work..boo.
    have a good day!

  2. like your colours, the hands look great.its good to see what ideas others come up with for the sketchbook challenge. i found your blog when looking at lyrics.