Hannah Overman Koch

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Enough Already

If it must be said, circles are kind of my thing.  I just can't get away from them!  Simple, lively colored, organic, they are perfect in everyway.  It doesn't matter what medium I am working in, circles are worked into almost every piece I make.  I wanted to share this piece of 8x11 paper I worked on about a 1 1/2 years ago.   I went through my scrap magazines and found images that i though would work on this scale and holepunched each one, then glued down, repeat.  Off and on, of course.  I think it may have been therapeutic.

I finally finished it and haven't done anything with it so far.  Actually, I have been photoing it and altering the photos on my computer.  It has some pretty cool affects!

The circles may be regular hole-punched size but some graphics stand out more than others.  And when you skew the brightness or tint, you can get several different looks from one piece!

A different angle, then some doctoring and pinks and oranges arrive!  This could be inspiration for a painting!

Business cards, maybe?....

This is the entire piece of paper.  Any guesses on approximately how many circles there are?

Hey, just circling life this artist holiday....

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  1. Very cool. business cards would be good. or how about the sides of your blog or banner of Etsy store for a change. Fabric swatch but how to print out...could you find 9x9 printable fabric?? Mainly I have found standard printer paper size. and it would use a lot ink! i know you'll find the perfect thing to do with it. It is so cool!
    have a good day,