Hannah Overman Koch

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank Heaven

A friend of mine asked me to make an art piece for her son's room.  She wanted it to say "Thank heaven for little boys".  Her vision was to have it over his closet door, so she needed it to be sized 8x28.

After some playing around, I finally decided mixed media was the best route.  The background is a thin piece of wood that I painted with blues and browns and then applyed a crackle finish over top.  Once I was happy with the background, I attached each word, some with cedar shims to give them dimension.

The word "thank" is made of a wood and sandpaper background, screws, nails, brackets and washers to form the letters.  "Heaven" is made of hand dyed blue fabric, batting and free-motion quilting.

"For" is made of steel wire shaped into letters.  "Little" is made of 2 pieces of burlap together and then free-motion quilting with a horn bead attached to dot the i.

"Boys" is quite a mix!  The background is wood and painted a shade of mustard yellow.  I created the stencil letter "B" and applyed paint to make it pop.  The "o" is another horn bead.  The "y" is 2 pieces of wood I cut to fit together and drilled holes for the wire to accessorize.  And finally, the "s" is comprised of different shades of blue crow beads strung on black twine.

For the ease of hanging it, I attached 2 pieces of wood with screw eyelets on each side (on the back) and strung wire from each one.  So, hammer the nails in the wall and it is ready to hang!

Thankful for opportunities to express my artistic visions on this artist holiday-


  1. I though with little boys mom's "worked from "son up" and until "son down". Must be a first time mom!... or a Saint..she does thank Heaven.
    nice job,

  2. I ADORE it!!!! Very creative!