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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Task at Hand

I created a small work for a Quilting Arts Magazine Reader Challenge titled "Tag, You're It!".  The challenge was incorporating text into a quilt sized 8 1/2 x 11.

Materials used; pfd fabric, textile paints, black fabric pen, duct tape, black and pink thread, cotton batting and sharpies.

I tried using the pillow binding, as shown by Lyric Kinard  in her book Art + Quilt.  For someone who still has a lot to learn on the binding end of quilting, I really liked it, much easier!

Green duct tape!!  You know I had to do something funky, right?  I also added some black twine on the duct tape.

Here's a closeup of the bright pink thread I also used in this piece.

My artist statement is below;

Focus seems to be that word I whisper to myself as I begin a new project or sometimes when I have creative block.  I chose to use fluorescent green and black to bounce off each other, with just a hint of bright pink.  I could not just stop there though, I had to add a little bit of well, duct tape!  Matching neon green of course.  If you look closely, you can see that the tape covers the word already written in the fabric.  This represents the repetition one says to get through the task at hand.

Deadline is Friday for those who may want to enter!  Click here for further details... and see their new challenge (putting your greatest pet peeve in a quilt)!  

focusing on the task at hand on this artist holiday,


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