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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sketchbook Challenge theme this month is "Pathways".  And I made a few sketchbook pages to share...

Pathway to my Age
materials used:  acrylic paint, sharpies
This is my birthday month and I always find that with turning another year older comes self-reflection!

Reflection on where I am and where I want to go.  What I want to do and how I've done thus far.  (Still have so many dreams and ideas I want to pursue!!!)  

The big 3-3.  Just in between those who say I am still a baby and then those who think I am ancient!  My opinion- 30's are a fun age.  Wisdom you wish you had in your 20's with the guts you have now.

My other page is titled "Toolbox for my Path".

We all use tools.  No matter what our medium of choice is.  But what about the tools in our minds.  The tools we use metaphorically to get to that next step.

materials used:  sketchbook and pencils

Shovel.  To break ground on fresh ideas.

Spatula.  To flip when ready.
Ruler.  To measure only when necessary.

Paint Brushes.  To swirl the colors of my mind.
Scissors.  To cut into manageable pieces.

Thumbtacks.  To keep those ideas in place.

using the tools in my minds' arsenal on this artist holiday,

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  1. nice sketches. I don't worry about age. when I was young I lied that I was older, now I lie and say I'm younger. my kids are not sure how old I am.
    I forget how old I am most days..my brain says 22, my body laughs at that. My husband is not far from 50..no one would guess it..I'm not far behind him..we both are in shock and don't beleive it...22 is a good place to stay.