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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Inside

  So I have been MIA, sorry - the summer got away from me!!  

Cloth Paper Scissors latest reader challenge was titled Home Sweet Home.

"On the Inside" was created by upcycling laminating film!  I cut the clear film to the specific pattern.  Next, I painted the inside using acrylic paints, glued the sides together and filled the house with shredded metallic tissue paper.

It's whats on the inside that counts!

I had also made another house out of paste paper I created!  Orange paste paper!!!  The pattern on the paste paper was made while still wet.

It was a fun challenge!!  Not selected for publication this time though!  Oh well, but my friend Jill at Recycled Daze was selected!!!! Congratulations Jill!  Check her out!

living and breathing art on this artist holiday-

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  1. I've been a bit MIA too. And will probably be for a while longer. BUSY! Nice houses. Suprised mine was picked..not very pretty and my statement may upset a few people.