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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Coloring Book Cover

I first started making coloring books for the

preschoolers to have on Wednesday nights at church.

You can see my first front cover here and read about the process 

to make your own coloring book for your classes.

This is the front cover for the new curriculum this spring:

Fruits of the Spirit

Love, Patience, Generosity, Joy, Honesty, Faithfulness, Kindness and Peace just to name a few...

Color copies are made of the front cover.

The curriculum provided all the insert pages this time.

Due to copyright infringement, I cannot post those pages.

If you would like to use this front cover for your church needs, please send me an email and I can send you the file or copy from this posting.

As always, thank you to the supporters in my life who make these opportunities possible for me to express my creativity!

And a special thank you to Mrs. Rutenkroger, my high school art teacher, who first showed me how to draw a tree.

finding every possible way to express my creativity on this artist holiday,

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