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Friday, February 8, 2013

Printmaking Happy Crabby Part 1

Remember Happy Crabby?

Click here to see his first appearance on artist holiday.

This was my children's toy and I loved the colors.  I painted it in my sketchbook back in 2011.

Now I am in a printmaking class and decided Happy Crabby needed to make an appearance in another medium - printmaking!

Materials used:
linoleum block
linoleum cutters
image drawn onto block
Oil based printmaking inks
printmaking paper cut to size
registration mat
rolling press

Happy Crabby is cut and ready for the first color!


The block is inked with an oil based yellow ink.
It is also sitting inside a registration mat.

The registration mat will help me align the paper properly each time.

Detail view of inked linoleum block.

Next I...
lay down the paper gently,
send it through the rolling press, 
peel it off and....


This is a reduction print process.  Therefore this is only step one of the process.

Now I will cut more of the image away and prepare to ink another color.  What I cut away will remain yellow.

Stay tuned for the next color!

Thanks to Johnston Community College, my professor Mr. Bill Gregory and my classmates for making Fridays so fun!

exploring a new medium and enjoying new processes on this artist holiday,

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  1. Great work! I was going to do the Arthouse Co-op print maker swap but I'm not a print maker..not that that ever stopped me before but seeing your work maybe I'll try. You should check it out. It's under "projects" I think on their site.
    Can't wait to see the next stage...staying tuned!