Hannah Overman Koch

Monday, February 25, 2013

Printmaking Happy Crabby Part 2

Check out Part 1 of my Happy Crabby here-

Here it is-

You can believe lessons are being learned through this process!

Print 1 - Yellow
Print 2 - Magenta Pink

Results:  The pink on top of the yellow results in a red orange kind of color in some areas.
I have realized this is one of the most exciting part of printmaking-

How will the colors appear when overlapped?

Here's some photos of the process:

How awesome is this color!

This is my linoleum block inked up and ready for printing.

Look closely you can see a slight impression on the paper.

This is what the paper looks like after rolling it through the rolling press.
The Happy Crabby linoleum block is underneath.  
I took this photo just before I removed the paper and placed it on the drying rack.

Do you see what could look like a teal color in this closeup?

Before I started the pink, I experimented with this color.
It was advertised as turquoise blue!
It was not turquoise, it is in fact a teal green.

It's a nice color but not what I want for my Happy Crabby!

On a side note though, I really love how the ink stands on the block.  
You can see the detailed lines.

Luckily, I purchased this magenta pink also!

I did a few prints of just pink as well!

What's next?

Cut away more block and print one last time with black ink.

Thanks to Johnston Community College and Jerry's Artarama!

continuing to learn that there is more to learn on this artist holiday,


  1. I came to you via Jane LaFazio's blog. Love what you are doing with the reductive printing!

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