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Friday, March 21, 2014

Studio Explorations - Uglies - Complete!

A ceramic study in handbuilding
for my class
ART 3851
Dr. Quinn

As the student, I am to create a three-dimensional form out of clay after reading the book by Maurice Sendak "Where the Wild Things Are".  The clay form must begin as a pinch pot and then turned on its side.  The form must have some details such as; eyes, teeth, ears, horns, hair, feet and nails.

Time for glazing!

My bisque fired Ugly - I started the glaze on the pearl.

I wish it stood more on its feet.

I enjoy the glazing part of pottery - it allows me to envision how the colors 
may look next to each other and it never comes out like I think it will!

I did not do the dipping method.
Rather, I use the brush metod and cup method.

Brush method includes simply dipping the brush in the stirred glaze
and "painting" the piece of pottery.

Cup Method includes using a small cup with the glaze and pouring it into
the piece of pottery.

I did this method for the inside of the mouth.
After you pour it in the piece, move it around to reach all the desired areas and then dump it out.

Glaze results!!

Funky and weird and so ugly!!

What a fun project though-

No expectations for an aesthetic appeal!
And a great way to explore the medium through:

-creating a pinch pot
-using the pinch pot in a new way
-using the coil method for details
-slip and score method for attaching parts

I just love our Cranberry glaze and its look when applied inconsistently.

The texture in the eyes look a little creepy!

A detail photo of all the texture.

The teeth look a bit rotten!

The big eyes and very small nose add to its weirdness.

I applied a quick layer of wax to keep the glaze off 
the bottom and not sticking to the kiln shelf!

Studio Exploration - The Ugly

remembering the awesome versatility of clay and loving my homework lately on this artist holiday,

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  1. I don't know about ugly, I think it has a bit of charm to it. Nice experiment. It is FUN being an artist isn't it?