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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Artist Collaboration & Imagine No Malaria

You may remember just recently I shared my goal of
raising funds for Imagine No Malaria.

Well, the reaction was amazing and humbling!
I sold all 100 cards in 24 hours!

And if you missed my - Original Blogpost

Just one seed of an idea has spiraled into many other
opportunities and inspirational stories!

Here is one of those stories I am so excited to share-

My very talented, gentle-spirited and kind-hearted friend, 
Betsy Monk began this journey.

May you be inspired by her story...

Beautiful both inside and out, 
Betsy found a way to push herself and me to do more for this cause!

Here's her story...

November was our rotation to teach art in Sunday School and Pam, our Children's Minister, mentioned wanting to offer our collective piece of artwork (a mixed media painting) we were working on for silent auction to benefit Imagine No Malaria.  I thought this was a wonderful idea, as I had just learned that the child we sponsor in Burkina Faso Africa, had just recently recovered from the same disease!

The "ah-ha" moment came when I read Hannah's blogpost about the cards and her effort to raise funds for Imagine No Malaria.

I wanted my own HOK mosquito stamp to emboss hand-thrown ceramic mugs.  I reached out to Hannah and she delivered.  Then I got to work...

Betsy's photos as she began her work with the mosquito stamp and clay.

I started taking pottery classes last year, as my youngest of three, Adam, entered kindergarten.
When I am not working at home or at the clinic as a nurse, I work at the wheel.

Wheel thrown mugs with the INM mosquito stamp
and pasta lettering that spells...

Currently, I have one completed and three others in various stages of progress.  
I will make as many as needed and hope this will help raise funds and awareness.

I believe $20.00 is a fair price for each mug.
Each will vary, of course, as all handmade items do.

The mugs I make typically hold 8-10 oz.
I am currently using red rock and phoenix clay.

I look forward to experimenting with forms and glazes.

For now, as long as I can afford, all funds collected will go to 

The finished mug...


Betsy's story gives me goose bumps - 
sponsoring a child in Africa that has fought this disease and thankfully overcame it.

I am so honored Betsy asked me to create a mosquito stamp
for her to pursue this creative endeavor on behalf of INM.

Thank you Betsy for stepping out and asking
and believing in your seed of an idea.

Her work is gorgeous and I can't wait to place my order.

If you would like to place an order for a
handmade ceramic mosquito mug
made by Betsy Monk-

Please send an email to:

Make sure to leave a comment for Betsy below...


being shown that one idea, one creative pursuit can alter our world 
and how humbling it can be
on this artist holiday,


  1. Betsy, these mugs are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent and your story!

  2. These are beautiful! You are so talented!

  3. Thank you , both, for having such caring and sharing hearts. I would like to place an order for 2 mugs for now and 2 mugs per month for the coming year.