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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Another exciting day at Vacation Bible School this morning! 

This is an arrangement I made for the front table in my class.  Flowers and weeds from my yard, along with paint brushes we used to paint the pantry sketchbooks.  The container is the empty paint can from painting the pantry sketchbooks.

(I just couldn't throw away that awesome blue color canister - too pretty!)

Today's lesson:

No matter how you feel...trust God!

Here is a journal entry from one of my student's and I just love her flying bird and her pretty hand writing!  So sweet!

I am seeing beautiful journal entries of faces, dragons, unique creatures, bubble letters, shapes, flowers, trucks and so much more.  It is such a good feeling, for me, when the kids do not want to stop drawing.  That warms my heart and tells me how much fun this craft is for them!

But we must continue on to the next craft...

The Easiest Kite Ever!

Not my title, I found instructions here!  They provide a template and details for making this interesting craft.  Check it out!

For our VBS, we used card stock.

Thanks to my wonderful volunteers, all 200 were cut and hole punched, ready for the kids months ago!

This was the string we used.  We cut one short and one long, as per instructions.

Here is a close up of the back of a kite.  All tied and ready to fly, except...

for the kite tail...

Here is the tulle ribbon cut and ready to tie into

gorgeous kite tails ready to staple!

By the way,
 I really got into the part today!  With each class, I literally ran and showed them how the kite works!  I got quite a few laughs, it was awesome!

just flying a kite on this artist holiday,

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