Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The week is just flying by.....

Day 4 at SKY Vacation Bible School

Our lesson today is:

No matter what happens... trust God!

We had a wonderful Thursday morning with all the kids, talking about the Bible!

Our Children's Minister, Pam found these gems at a Children's Ministry Conference a few months ago.  She gave me one and I immediately felt we needed to use them at VBS.

So after a few phone calls, she was able to get 300 for our kids!

Thank you Pam!

This is a Common English Bible and I wanted it so badly for VBS because the outside cover is a coloring page!  I have never seen a Bible as unique as this.  Each child can connect to God's word unlike never before by making it their own.

I am thrilled to say each child was excited to receive their own Bible and even more excited to color it!

back cover

I discussed how the Bible is 2 parts, the Old Testament and New Testament.  I also discussed how we care for our Bibles and to keep them in a safe place.  I reminded them to not color inside, how we do not want to cover Jesus's words.  And to write their names and 2012 on the first page.

It was special, as everyday has become for me during this SKY VBS.  The volunteers are doing a wonderful job and the kids bright smiling faces keeps me coming back every morning!

I wanted to share more Prayer Flags photos with you.  We had them hanging in our Imagination Station today so the kids could see all their wonderful prayers.

We took them down after classes today to prepare for Sunday's special surprise...stay tuned!

In the mean time....

Aren't they beautiful?...

A little one's praying for her fish named Boo.

I love their simplicity and the self expression each one holds.  I know the parents will treasure these for years to come!

This is my Prayer Flag.  In the right hand, I wrote many, many things I and we as humans do with our hands....

praying with my hands always on this artist holiday,


  1. wow! such good ideas and good art.

  2. It's wonderful to see these fabulous art projects being used for VBS. The Bibles are so unique and will become quite a keepsake for the kids after they grow up, but for now it really makes the Bible real for them. I also love seeing all the prayer flags laying together, reminds me of pieces of a quilt. Hmm, now that could be a whole 'nother project. Great job to you Hannah, and your assistants.