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Monday, June 25, 2012


Welcome to Imagination Station!

Such a fantastic first day of Vacation Bible School!  The kids were excited, all 176 of them that came to my class!  On the agenda today.... introduce them to pantry sketchbooks and start the day's entry.

No matter who you are...trust God!

This was my example I made back in February.

With the help and hard work of AWESOME volunteers, we made 256 pantry sketchbooks-

(60 went to the Tween class)

Tied with red shoe strings!

Cutting, painting,  and drilling holes into....


That's right, a recycle project as well.
Directions are posted here to make your own!  Decorate the outside as you wish with acrylic paint.  And for this particular project, we painted the cardboard side blue, so when the children open the books, they will see the cereal box that it was!  So exciting!

After discussing how these beautiful books came to be, went through the lesson and made our journal entry, it was time to paint the clouds!

And we did all this in 20 minutes - each class!!  Yes - I have FANTASTIC volunteers!!!

Here they are drying for tomorrow!

Each day, we will make our journal entry and then do another craft!  The kids will take these home on the last day, Friday, full of the week's lessons and their personal drawings!

so much fun journaling ALL morning with the little ones on this artist holiday,

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