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Thursday, July 11, 2013

VBS Day 4 - Kingdom Rock

Today's Bible Point-

Trusting God helps us stand strong!

 Today's VBS craft is a great combination between art and craft!

We made badges with aluminum art foil and foam!

First the art foil...

This is a unique product that comes in a few metal colors.
For this craft we decided to go with aluminum art foil.
(It's like really thick aluminum foil!)

A wonderful volunteer who has just the right the right machine cut out over 200 of these 
wonderful shaped circles!

Next was cutting the foam
The foam pieces are about a 1/4 inch larger in diameter than the art foil.
Another big task, but my wonderful volunteers really helped me out again!

After all were cut, time to attach the pin backs.

These are my examples...

We used hot glue to attach the art foil and the pin back.

A flag and part of a castle.

So what did the kids do on this craft?

Emboss of course!!!

I told some of the older children about embossing and some only referred to it as drawing on metal.

It was another craft that really threw them because
I had paint brushes laid out with a brown paper bag.

The bag gave them a surface to push on.

And I instructed the students to use the other end of the paint brush as their embossing tool!

They were stunned yet again...

Here's some student examples.
I tried to take various photos but between the shiny metal (hard not to get a glare) and the time restraint, this was all I could get.

They are pretty cool...

Before the children began, we had a lengthy conversation about what to draw.

I encouraged shapes and patterns.
I asked them not to emboss words because it would be backwards when we attached it to the foam.

I believe students really enjoyed this outside the box craft and getting to wear their very own badge as they called it!

watching so many light bulbs go off was amazing on this artist holiday,

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