Hannah Overman Koch

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

VBS - Day Two Kingdom Rock

Today's Bible Point-

Family and Friends help us stand strong!

And today's special craft is...

Coloring their very own t-shirts!!!

Here I am wearing my shirt and ready for Day 2!

Before before I was ready for Day 2, I was designing and helping K&A Crafts along many awesome
volunteers print 500 t-shirts!!!

It all started with a pencil and paper...

After some design discussion with our Children's Minister, Pam

Our t-shirt design was born...
Sketch of design

Final Design ready for the screen!

This is how the t-shirt design looks on the screen ready to be printed!

Here I am printing the shirts, which happened to be on my birthday!!!
Such a treat for an artist!!!

I am lifting up the screen here hoping the coverage is just right!

Photo: Whew! What a day. Worked on VBS at church, so enjoyed making t shirts! 225 of 495 done!!!!!!
Once printed the t-shirts need to dry.
We had space to lay them out on tables.

We printed t-shirts over a 3 day period!  
Not all 500 t-shirts are pictured here!

Lots of  hard working volunteers got us to this point!

After they dried, The ladies of K& A heat pressed them and then they were ready for size organization!

T-shirts were separated by sizes and ready for
all the splashes of color they were about to get!

Instruction for heat setting the shirts were made and safety pinned to the shirts so parents can complete the heat set process.

Okay....bring on the kiddos....

We are really ready now!!!

We had 2 hours and about 160 kids!
Here is just a small sample of some of the children's shirts..

Enjoy the creativity, color and hard work they put in to make their shirts so special!
I love each one!!!


 Incredible how hard the children worked on their shirts!

Another fantastic day at Vacation Bible School!

What a process from design to production to organization to the children coloring!!
Lots of wonderful people involved and what a learning experience for me!

And when every child and volunteer wears their shirt on Friday...

I wonder what that will feel like???     I cannot wait...

my heart is full just thinking about it on this artist holiday,


  1. wow!!!! what a great project. I bet the kids had a blast. The parents must be in awe of you, I know I am! well done!

  2. Hannah, These are just simply FANTASTIC!! I am so proud of you - I love your design and I love the kid's artwork on each shirt, great job to everyone! You're a rock star girl!