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Thursday, July 11, 2013

VBS - Day Three Kingdom Rock

Today's Bible Point-

Prayer helps us stand strong!

Already Day 3 and how quickly time has passed in Imagination Station!

Today's craft is:

Stand Strong for God Banner

This was almost the t-shirt design
we decided to use it for this craft!

Way back in the spring...

I pulled out my sketchbook and began thinking about...

design ideas with my pencil.


This design was born and printed on parchment color paper.

It resembles part of a castle while also looking like a 
person standing strong!

Now it was time for the fun!

How did we get it to look so old????

Ball it up!

The kids loved doing this after their shock of it being okay!!

Once the paper was smoothed out,
I shared with the children how to lightly color the 
paper by using the side of the marker and trying to only
hit the ridges.

Either way they were excited to put color to their banners!

Next we needed to tape the banners to dowel rods with twine.

My wonderful volunteers had already tied the twine onto the dowel rods!

Here's some photos of the children's work...

I just love seeing all the various interpretations of color and shade!

And for a little special treat...

Each child received a coin today!


Tearing on the sides can be an activity to add for the older children.

The children loved this craft and how surprised they were to get to ball up the paper!
It was a lot of fun!

seeing more ideas come to life in the hands of children on this artist holiday,

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