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Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Doodles

Recently on Facebook I came across an article about artist Andres Amador and his "Playa paintings" or beach art.  Andres Amador uses a leaf rake to create geometric and organic patterns on various California and Mexico beaches during low tide.

He considers it beach mural exploration and
it's temporary!

I encourage you to check out his website:

Reading and learning more about his work was inspiring for me.  Of course, doodling and drawing patterns on paper is very familiar to me.  

But reading this article was an my "a-ha" moment.

We can doodle on anything and with anything that accepts the doodling tool!
Patterns appear the same whether or not they are in ink!

Beach and a rake, salt or sugar on a counter...
what about snow and a fork?

This week in North Carolina, where I live, we have been endowed with about 5 inches of snow.  
This is a big deal for us because it happens so little.

After all the snow sledding and family fun, an idea sparked for me...

Drawing in the snow!

What a fun and enriching personal experience!

Snow is a wonderful element to draw into and learn to manipulate!

Not only did I draw with both ends of the fork,
I also "stamped" with it too!!

Curves flow nicely to my surprise.

This is a loosely packed snowfall that has melted very little at this point.

I didn't use rulers or anything geometric.

I only had my arms length.

After a day of children running through the front yard

there were pockets of untouched snow perfect for my experimentation.

I focused more on larger patterns.

Though it is doodling, it has a different feel.

Trying to free yourself of expectations is the same as doodling on paper,

but realizing it is only temporary is freeing altogether!

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone of public displays of art making.

I don't doodle, sketch or draw in public very often and this was a great time to get myself out there! 
Even if just in my neighborhood!

I only spent about 20 minutes outside doodling while keeping kids and a dog out of my claimed space.

And with this small and simple experience, I can appreciate so much more the time and dedication Andres Amador has for his earthscapes.
The beauty he creates with sand is breathtaking.

having some artistic fun and living in the moment of a southern snow day on this artist holiday,

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  1. Oh, how wonderful!!!! I will have to go and try this. What a flash of brilliance! and great photos!