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Friday, July 18, 2014

Inspirational Hike

Recently we took a family camping trip to 

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

Cutie the Camper is set up and ready!!

We love camping so much!
It's our little home away from home we've already taken to 4 states.

But aside from the wonderful time camping,
we also hike, fish, kayak and take in the beautiful sights all around us.

Check out these photos I snapped as we hiked around
Pilot Mountain.

Look back at the first photo and see the mountain in the background.
These next photos were taken there.
It takes about 45 minutes to hike around the entire cap!

All I wanted to do was look up the entire hike!

We caught a beautiful day too.

Lines, repetition and texture.

Angles, curves and layers.

Delicate color.

Worn and aged.

I felt so small standing next to this gray beauty!

My girls taking it in... this says it all.

I could see fragments of lines in the rocks separated from one another.

The bottom of a rock showing the effects of dripping water.

So inspring!!

As any artist would say, they are inspired by nature.
And I am no different.

I am inspired to draw, carve linoleum and paint.
I am inspired to write and journal.
I am inspired to see more than I can take in.
I am inspired to stop and cherish that moment.
I am inspired to share what I see with others.
I am inspired to create.

A campfire with a view...
what more do you need?

Read more about Pilot Mountain, NC -

sharing North Carolina's beauty and beauty that inspires me 
to keep going as an artist on this artist holiday,

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