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Thursday, July 10, 2014

VBS Day 4 Weird Animals

Day 4

Group VBS

Vacation Bible School

Today's Bible Point:

Even though you do wrong... Jesus loves you!

Today's Bible Verse:

"God...loves us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins."
I John 4:10

We had another fantastic day in Imagination Station!  
I keep coming home saying that today was my favorite day!!

Do you remember Day 1 - with the paint blobs?

Well, today was paint blobs part 2!

Each child had a paint blob already cut and pasted to construction paper by my awesome volunteers!

I encouraged each child to look at their paint blob and bring out the details of what they see!
And wow what a creative group of children we have!!

I am so impressed with their drawings that I snapped almost 100 pictures!!
Enjoy this array of photos I could get on the blog!

The materials we used today were sharpies!!
That's it!!

Take a look...

Some are self-explanatory, others fit this week's theme-


This young lady draw as she called it a:


Iggy is a WEIRD animal from this week!  
Can you see it??

 Iggy The Lizard Bible Memory Buddy


Space Ship



This young man said this way - 
it was an alien brain

turn it this way and it is a hippopotamus with a mustache!!!

I love it!!!

Children were so proud of their work and I am too!!!

Thanks to my volunteers - you have made my week run so smooth!!  I greatly appreciate all you do to make Imagination Station what it is!!!

Tomorrow is Day 5, our last day and we will end with a really WEIRD project!

Have a front row seat to how awesome children's creativity is on this artist holiday,

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