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Monday, July 28, 2014

Birthday Cards

Back in June I printed with a few of my new blocks -
you can read about it here...

Once prints are dried and cut apart they are ready for...

A little dab of watercolor and sewing them to handmade cards..

Here are some finished products-

Birthday Cards

Multicolor Birthday Candles

Some subtle, others vibrant!

The stitch line adds a nice touch.

Flames don't have to always be yellow.

The print is a deep blue-black color which is complimented nicely 
with the lighter shade of blue around the candles.
It's one of my favorites thus far.

Gradation of color always speaks to me.
I try to include it in almost every print.

A variety pack appeals to everyone.

A special birthday card for someone special.

Treasuring the small cuts of a linoleum block that mean so much 
when put into a card on this artist holiday,

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