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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

VBS Day 3 Weird Animals

Day 3

Group VBS

Vacation Bible School

Today's Bible Point:

Even when you don't understand... Jesus loves you!

Today's Bible Verse:

"Do to others as you would like them to do to you."
Luke 6:31

And today in Imagination Station...

We started with a pile of rocks!

and added some color and wiggly eyes for fun...

to make:

Pet Rocks!!!

This craft has all the ingredients to make a great Bible School craft:
-the children LOVE it and are excited by it!
-small space to color and decorate effectively in 20 minutes
-easy prep (just need some muscles!)

Instead of using paint, we used sharpies to add color!

We also had some washi tape left over from yesterday's craft and with an art teacher's mind -
I say use it! 

Take a look at these remarkably creative and fantastic Pet Rocks!!

The tape adds a little bit of charm I think!

Some children used the washi tape as arms and legs or hair!

From one eye to three - the wiggly eyes bring the rock to life.

Love the lips-

Another use for yesterday's feathers too! 

Did you know wiggly eyes now have eye lashes and bright colors?

So cool!!

Ninja Pet Rock

Other children wanted to draw their own eyes on the rock -
I say go for it!  

I love it!!!

Little hands working!

I saw so many happy rocks!!

Sharpies worked well.

Some were animal-like

Others silly

And all were SO fun!

I see a mustache!

The children were so excited to have their very own Pet Rock.
I encouraged them to think about where they would place their rock when they take it 
home tomorrow.

Maybe on a book shelf, their night stand or create a home in a shoe box!

Either way I know these pet rocks will be loved!

Many thanks to my wonderful and lovely volunteers that help me with big smiles each and every day!!

Thanks to Red Barn Landscaping of Clayton for the fantastic array of rocks!

I so enjoyed picking out the very best rocks in your wonderful selection!!

What will tomorrow bring??  Maybe the paint blobs back....

Bringing rocks to life while learning a core principle to a 
happy and divinely filled life on this artist holiday,

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  1. Great idea! They are all so different and cute. I like the one eyed and multi-eye pets--made me laugh. The ninja was a hoot...I might steal that idea!