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Friday, July 11, 2014

VBS Day 5 Weird Animals

Day 5

Group VBS

Vacation Bible School

Today's Bible Point:

Even when you're afraid... Jesus loves you!

Today's Bible Verse:

"Don't be afraid... Take courage.  I am here!"

Matthew 14:27

Our final day in Imagination Station was all about drawing!
Drawing weird, cool and awesome creatures!!!

The children loved this step by step activity.

I tweaked the directions from one of my favorite books right now-
52 Creative Exercises to make drawing fun!
Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim

Check out her website
The Art of Silliness

Here's my take on the project:
Step 1- Draw an eye.
Twist the page
Step 2 - Draw another eye, but different than the first.
Twist the page.
Step 3 - Draw a nose.
Twist the page
Step 4 - Draw a shape (circle, square, rectangle) around all the parts to create cohesiveness.

The children did well following directions.
I also made it fun because when we were finished with each step, they had to do something silly!

Maybe tug their ear or make a silly face or put their hand on their head!!

Check out these WEIRD creatures-

After we completed the step by step directions,
children were given colored pencils to finish off their drawings.

Yet again, I was so impressed!!

And you should have heard them talking about their drawing -
the papers were coming to life with fantastic stories!

Yep, that's me!  Each day I tried to look more weird than the day before!
I kept asking the kids... do I look weird today??

Not only did I wear a large hat from the circus, I brought in our very own weird pet -

Thunder, the guinea pig!!

I shared that I wanted to introduce him to my new friends that I made this week.
There were a lot of "awwww.... he's so cute!"

And I ended each class today with a parting thought....

Embrace who you are,
Love yourself, 
Jesus loves you no matter what!

I hope I remember these words as well.

I had so much fun this week!

I want to sing the praises of my volunteers who worked tirelessly for me each day.
You are incredible and make my teaching easy!!!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you to our VBS Director and my friend, Kathleen Stuckey for making our VBS work seamlessly!

Thank you to our Children's Minister and also my friend, Pam Russell for gathering my supplies and believing in my craft ideas!

Thank you to all the many many teachers that brought kids to and from my room, quietened them when necessary and help carry the craft load when needed!

And finally thank you to Horne Memorial United Methodist Church and Group VBS
for supporting us all!!

As customary here's the final figures for this week's Imagination Station -

1,160 Wikki Stix distributed and played with,
435 paint drips to make 145 paint blobs,
900 Washi tape pieces torn,
300 wiggly eyes glued to 145 rocks,
just to name a few!!!

Believing seeds of love were planted this week on this artist holiday,

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  1. I'm hooked! now I'll go order the book! So fun to follow along on your Weir Animal adventures.