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Monday, November 30, 2015

Appalachian Trail - NC

 During our stay in Hot Springs, NC

We were able to explore just a tiny little bit of the Appalachian Trail!

The beautiful French Broad River behind me!
It was very very cold!

But before I was there...
I was here~

The Appalachian Trail or AT as they call it goes
right through the town of Hot Springs.

So you cross this bridge to get beyond the river.

This is the symbol through out the town
that guides those on the trail.

Crossing the bridge~

Another AT sign on the road.

Rock detail

Such a large river!

This is another symbol that hikers see to know they are on the trail.

Other river views~

Me at a white mark,
certainly does not mean very much to me on this short hike.

I must say I enjoy my short hikes right now, 
but I can appreciate the hikers that reach these white marks
and feel such accomplishment!

It says "Keep Steppin"

Learn more here

Taking some inspiration from the AT back with me,
on this artist holiday~

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