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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Eraser Carving and Stamping

I have known about this technique for years, 
yet never tried it myself
until recently...

I LOVE carving linoleum, but for a quick stamp
these erasers work fantastic!

Here's what I do..

Grab some erasers

Draw you design lightly with a pencil.

**For these stamps - the more simplistic the design the better.
Few lines are best I have found.

Once your design is drawn, begin carving carefully with your lino cutters.

These erasers are super easy to cut, so use caution with your fingers!
The blade can move very quickly.
I am speaking from experience...

Once I think I am done carving I ink it up and test stamp it.

I ask;  Do I need to cut more away? 
Do I like the direction of that line?
Should the line be thinner?

The last question is usually the one I work on the most!

At this time, I will go back with my lino cutters and carve away any other areas.

Then, I do a final check and it is ready!

I didn't mind the bottom edge of the stamp showing up.
So, I just left it.

This particular stamp I made for my daughter to use in her science project.
But I have made others that I will be sharing very soon!

Pros to using this kind of stamp:  
Original (Even 2 of the same thing would be slightly different.)
Fast and efficient
Accepts ink very well
I love carving my own stamps!

Cons to using this kind of stamp:
Size restriction
Not sure of its shelf life just left
Could be too easy to cut 

Always finding new art techniques to try on this artist holiday,

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