Hannah Overman Koch

Thursday, November 19, 2015

LOVE Artwork


A word that take on many different meanings, but always comes back to one truth.

A word that never dulls,
never wanes,
never fails.

A word that describes a thousand ways to live.

As I created this artwork, 
I found love in so much more...

when I let go
simply created.

Love is finding courage in yourself

Love is picking up and pressing on.

Love is patiently waiting for your skills to meet the ideas you dream.

Love lives in between.

Love IS here

It goes with you,

stays with you

on your best and worst days.

Love crosses all paths,

intersects the whole,

and brings everything together.

Love is what is underneath,

our vulnerability,

and it caresses our fears.

It heals the broken.

I proclaim...

Love IS Here!

Love of process, mark making and 
the undying need to create something
where there was nothing.

And love there always will be.

Each work of art is my attempt to share love.

It's looking like a LOVE campaign on this artist holiday and I love it,

1 comment:

  1. I am "In Love" with the broken heart piece. All them are so good. Well done!