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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

North Carolina's Capital Farmer's Market

Who doesn't love going to their local farmer's market, getting fresh produce, beautiful bouquets and the freshest preserves and jams or a freshly squeezed lemonade with lime and orange wedges?  Yum!

Those reasons might get me there, but I always find I leave feeling inspired, rejuvenated and reconnected to my country roots.

Take a walk with me...

Lovely color combinations

Patterns and Repetition

Petal shapes and splashes of bright color!

Surrounded by color

Unusal textures

I always love the air ferns!

Creativity abounds!

Beautiful white pumpkins; 
the morning sunlight hitting, the layout
makes this one of my favorite photos.

The organic shapes and beautiful speckled colors

Uncommon varieties ~ love the light and darker green color combination.

Stacking pumpkins

Mums and more mums!

The peachy color pumpkins are gorgeous!

I also love the gray pumpkins.

Everyone loves the various colored corn.
What about the corn husks?
I love the natural colors and fringed ends
and the red ties used to hold them up.

Nature's stripes

A lovely morning of appreciating home grown beauty!

N.C. Farmer's Market
Raleigh, NC
Fall 2015

Finding inspiration anywhere I go on this artist holiday,

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