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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Etsy Shop Lynn Dylan Designs Reopens!

my Etsy Shop 


My new profile pic!
Thanks Tanya for taking the pic~

After many months of taking a break of sharing my creative endeavors, I have made the decision to get my ideas and art work back out there.
I am choosing to live in the space of vulnerability and I am excited about it!

Time is quickly ticking away and I feel a strong desire to share like I never have before.
I tell myself ~
I will make mistakes and it will not be perfect and that is very much okay.

I am creating and the rest will fall where it may.

So, here is my first couple of pair of earrings...

Raw and uncut amethyst beads, wood beads and turquoise seed beads
on a copper earwire.

My Dad brought me back these beautiful amethyst beads from when he was in Afghanistan.
Thanks Dad!

The color combination really excites me and I love working with wood beads too.

Jobs Tears Beads as crosses hanging from a copper chain.
These are also on a copper earwire.

I loved how these turned out!

And last but not least...

Porcelain and Glass bead earrings!

I created the bottom white beads from porcelain clay!
This is a new experience for me as an artist...
using my own ceramic beads in my jewelry!

More handmade beads are coming...

So here I sit in my vulnerability and find this all rejuvenating and what I need as an artist.

Exciting times on this artist holiday,

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  1. These earrings are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad you're opening your shop again. These will sell fast for sure!